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March 24, 2014

Depending On How You Count It, Lat Is Celebrating 40 Or 50 Years Making Comics


This profile of the great cartoonist Lat on either his 40th or 50th anniversary of making cartoons and comics (it depends on how you measure it) is short and to the point, but it has a couple of things I've never seen before.One is a 1974 cartoon that marks his professional publishing debut. Another is that he wanted to retire and the date given is so specific it must have been super-serious. I have no idea what was going on then that would have made Lat want to retire or kept him from doing so; if someone has a guess or additional knowledge, please drop me a note.

Yet another thing is to simply consider that 10 year gap from making cartoons to selling them; I think everyone wants to publish their career-defining opus two years in, but comics is hard and there are few shortcuts and the best work is frequently created by people that are years and years and years into their career.

CW Kee recalls meeting Lat as a teen.
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