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December 14, 2006

Details of 1st Diesel Sweeties Clients


Editor & Publisher has the standard launch release story for R. Stevens' Diesel Sweeties. That January 8 launch is significant for a few reasons: first, because it's the first strip by an established luminary of the webcomics world to get the print syndication call; second, Stevens worked hard to reach a contract that allowed him the freedom to continue his on-line iteration in the manner he sees fit; and third, I'm pretty sure it's the first offering from Ted Rall's office at United Media, which he was given to find edgier content for the syndicate. Also, if Stevens crushes out of the gate, there are a lot of FoxTrot clients out there trying dailies in that comic's place.

The client list at the bottom of the article is fairly impressive in terms of number of big papers: newspapers that tend to buy new strips are aggressively represented.
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