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July 8, 2013

Dragon*Con Announces Split With Co-Founder And Accused Child Molester Ed Kramer

Here. I think this is a good thing. Ed Kramer is the guy who as a co-founder of the very successful show was using the money that was coming to him from that part ownership to fund a longstanding legal battle against charges of molestation. Several pros from the various communities that assemble at that show thought that was a heinous enough series of accusations to put pressure on the convention by not being involved and calling for a boycott. Others defended the show's other owners as blameless and stuck in a bad situation. It was a fascinating story for Kramer's monster-like status and the way that some fans -- some fans -- seem to argue in a way that just happens to put their greatest enjoyment and utility first. It looks like Kramer accepted some sort of buyout -- one would guess that shares in the existing company were used to purchase shares in a new company and that Kramer instead gets cash. Update: Yep.

I hope that the remaining co-founders -- now the sole founders of the new organization running the same old show -- will consider keeping alive a phantom share equivalent to whatever Kramer's was from the old set-up and give that to an appropriate victims-related charity. I suggest not to punish anyone, but because it's nice when charities benefit in the same way it sucks when creeps do.
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