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May 21, 2014

Drew Litton Finds Home With CO Community Newspaper Group

Alan Gardner at Daily Cartoonist notes here that sports cartoonist Drew Litton, who enjoyed a quarter century run at Rocky Mountain News before its closure in the apocalyptic print-journalism days of 2009, is set to return next month providing weekly comics to the member publicaitons of the Colorado Community Media group.

I have no idea what that deal might be like -- and one can imagine a range of possibilities -- but I think it's good news for Litton to have a home, he's certainly a part of media-consumption DNA in that part of the country (which is an isolated part of the country in a lot of ways in terms of media coverage), and I'm all for each and every model that might better utilize comics work getting a tryout in the years ahead even as the old models sort of repeatedly dash themselves against the rocks. Good luck to cartoonist and client.
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