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June 12, 2012

Cartoonist Ed Stein Retires, Gives Career Advice: "Throw That Pen Away And Go To Bartender School"

Michael Cavna has an interview with longtime cartoonist Ed Stein about his decision to retire. As Stein is 65, this doesn't strike me as startling news the way that some moves away from the field over the last few years -- voluntary, involuntary -- have been. The casual way that Stein talks about the death of newspapers fascinates me, though. It's almost like we're seeing people engage with that concept in a way that will make it a greater reality, like kids in a horror movie that conjure up some horrible thing by saying its name. That's of course ridiculous, and newspapers will either continue or not based on the merits of their business model and ability to find new ground and avenues through which to succeed -- the thought lingers, though. I'm also intrigued by Stein's stated approach to drawing public figures as described in an interview illustrated with his solid renditions of public figures, and the way that losing a relationship to an actual publication diminished his enthusiasm.
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