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January 16, 2018

Eisner Awards Judges Committee Names Carol Kalish + Jackie Ormes To Hall Of Fame; 16 Nominees Named


Here is the awards show's post. Jackie Ormes (1911-1985) was the first African-American woman to have a newspaper strip, Dixie To Harlem, featuring the iconic character Torchy Brown. She was a giant of the African-American newspaper industry when it was at its most powerful and most widely read. Carol Kalish (1955-1991) was a pioneer in the American comic book mainstream for her direct sales manager stint at Marvel, becoming a unifying figure in a very scattered, aggressively competitive field for her work with retailer's on her publisher's behalf.

The sixteen figures named for possible induction by vote -- the top four of sixteen make it -- are:

* Charles Addams
* Jim Aparo
* Gus Arriola
* Karen Berger
* Howard Cruse
* Carlos Ezquerra
* Dave Gibbons
* Paul Levitz
* Tarpé Mills
* Francoise Mouly
* Thomas Nast
* Lily Renée Peter Phillips
* Posy Simmonds
* Rumiko Takahashi
* John Wagner
* S. Clay Wilson

I don't see anyone that doesn't deserve to get into the Hall of Fame at some date, and I also see the possibility of an all-woman sweep. It's hard to believe that a figure both popular and well-regarded like Charles Addams hasn't made it in yet, but I bet at least one someone out there is saying that about all the candidates.

The four voted-upon candidates and the two named by judges are inducted during the Eisner Awards the Friday night of Comic-Con International in San Diego.
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