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March 4, 2014

Eric Stephenson, Julius Schwartz Win ComicsPRO Awards

Matthew Price from The Oklahoman has a nice piece up here about the winners of the 2014 ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Awards. Eric Stephenson was the winner among the living contributors; the late Julius Schwartz won the memorial portion of the yearly award. I think those are both fine choices. Stephenson's time being publisher at Image -- he arrived in that position in 2008 -- has seen that company build strong relationships with its Direct Market retail clients. He thanked the Image Comics employees. Schwartz was a titanic figure as an editor at DC, and basically shaped the direction of that company's publishing program in a way that fashioned the industry for decades. A big chunk of it still holds that basic shape.

I'm not seeing anything up from anyone ComicsPRO making board changes or reinforcing their current line-up; the group's blog hasn't been updated since last summer. Price did write a summary article here that talks a lot about what different publishers were pushing and some of the general atittudes towards that material from members.
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