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April 4, 2014

Events Still To Come In New York City MoCCA Festival Weekend


I wrote a long post on Tuesday about events being held in conjunction with this weekend's MoCCA Festival in New York City. I thought I'd run an update post to add a few more things now that folks have been opening receptioned, edie faked and operation margarined. I hope everyone has a fun, safe and successful weekend.

1. Art Spiegelman Is Doing A Bunch Of Stuff Over The Weekend Including Talking To Neil Gaiman And Introducing People To His Window Installation
Art Spiegelman continues his run of interesting public events with a pair of doozies this weekend. Drawn and Quarterly has a succinct write-up on the whole bunch of them here. Spiegelman is in conversation with Neil Gaiman on Friday at Bard; those are two guys on the Mount Rushmore of talkers-about-comics. This one is at the show but worth mentioning: while he'll be signing at D+Q and I imagine generally around, Spiegelman is doing a panel with Joost Swarte. That should be great. Swarte will also appear at a breakfast Spiegelman is hosting for the High School Of Art & Design featuring his little-seen -- by comics people! -- glass window design, something I know of which he's very proud.

2. Society Of Illustrators Has Shows Up Right Now Featuring Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Joost Swarte And Drew Friedman
I don't know what their regular hours are so you'll have to look it up, but it's hard for me to imagine anyone coming away disappointed considering the quality of work each of those comics-makers has done.

3. There Is A Robert Williams Film Being Shown Friday, With Q&A Afterwards
Robert Williams is another considerable artist who is very, very good in a Q&A setting. I look forward to seeing the movie, although Robert Williams won't be in attendance when I do.

image4. Three Small Publishers Are Holding A Beer Fest On Friday Night
Here. I have a feeling this may skew young, or at least younger than me, but so does every square inch of New York when it comes to social events of this type.

5. James Kochalka Will Be Doing A Store Event In Brooklyn On Friday
Kochalka is doing a mini-tour in support of his new "Glorkian Warrior" book. I'm honestly not sure how frequently Kochalka travels and does these kinds of events these days, but he has a deserved fan base that I'm betting will be happy to see him. That's a nice store at which to attend events, too. You can always shop. Looks like he'll be around all day by one listing, but the others I've seen have it starting at 7 PM.

6. You Can Drink And Draw Like A Lady Friday Night
This group's pre-Mocca event will be at The Productive starting at 7 PM the night before the festival proper. Ladies only, please. Sixth year, whoa.

7. You Can Join The Traditional NYC Comic Jam Event At Dempsey's Pub
That one is right here.

8. There Will Be Official And Semi-Official Parties On Saturday Night
The SoI page lists three. What's most worth noting here, I think, is that the Society is opening its doors one more time -- free booze 7-8 -- and will do some official awards-naming business up there, it looks like.

9. There Is A Casual Afterparty Held Near The Show On Sunday Night
I haven't seen a listing for it, but Heidi MacDonald tweeted about it. It looks like all the information was there. I went to a version of this last year and I just let myself be carried along in conversation by all the nice accents.

10. Sophie Yanow Is Doing A Reading On Monday Night
She'll be reading from War Of Streets And Houses at Bluestocking Books. That should be good. I imagine there will be some people reluctant to do a comics event the day after a big comics festival, but SURELY NOBODY I KNOW.

11. Sam Alden Joins Sophie Yanow At The NY Comics & Picture Story Symposium
It's one of the greatest things in comics, Ben Katchor's weekly series of hosted presentations on various aspects of the comics art form. On Tuesday Sam Alden and Sophie Yanow will be there.

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