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November 1, 2018

Everyone Caught This But Me: Vanguard Visionary Assets Now Majority Owner At Dark Horse

Deal described by Milton Griepp here and discussed by Heidi MacDonald here. Both stories underline Mike Richardson remains CEO and retains a significant ownership share.

I have no real opinion about this. I guess there's an angle where you point out that VVA is a Chinese company, which I'm not sure really says anything specific to comics except that there is always the promise/hope that that country can be opened as a market -- a not unreasonable expectation, I suppose, at least the chance this might happen. It does look like Dark Horse's attention to its post loss of Star Wars core properties and its creation of very friendly to film and TV properties like Resident Alien make it a more friendlier partner for media companies like Netflix. I'm grateful for artists to have those opportunities and hope they're fairly executed.
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