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March 21, 2014

Everyone Is Looking Towards Columbus, Ohio (Or At Least The Direction They Think Columbus Might Be)


This weekend is the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum's first major show of a non-opening-the-facility variety: Bill Watterson (curated by Jenny Robb) and Richard Thompson (curated by Caitlin McGurk). I hope everyone has a good time at the opening tonight: that strikes me as a place that will have very good openings. I also hope that people will make the time to stop by the Arch City and check the show out as their schedule allows. Watterson worked smaller and rougher than a lot of pepole tend to think and Thompson's originals are ridiculously attractive. I don't think there's any huge, summary statement to make about the show that you couldn't have made before Thompson did Cul De Sac and thus been wrong.

Here's a preview.

Speaking of Columbus, that nice man Tom Williams sent along the image below, of the post for this year's SPACE show. That's the city's long-running small-press show, and is worth a day trip if you're in the region. Pair it up with the Thompson/Watterson exhibit and call it a vacation.

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