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May 17, 2013

Everyone Should Plan To Go To This Hellen Jo Show; Also: Please Stop Using Only Facebook For Events


So I just made a joke tweet about the artist Hellen Jo, using the time-honored construction of future generations judging us if we don't support that fine cartoonist and illustrator. People got worried. I think what happened is that the hosting store only used a non-accessible facebook page as the sole events page -- at least the only one I could find -- so when people couldn't get to it, it came across as worrisome.

So 1) please stop doing that, events-hosters. Not everyone is on Facebook and certainly not everyone is on your like list. 2) Everyone please plan to go to the above Hellen Jo show, because her work is really potent and funny and I think under-appreciated. The end. Sorry, Hellen. Sorry, everyone.

Extra apologies if this is just me not knowing how to link stuff, which is highly likely.
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