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March 29, 2013

Exploring Copyright 101 With A Missouri Politician

A brief news article here about a Missouri politician using an Adam Zyglis cartoon and then taking it down when informed you can't just do that may be worth noting if you're as interested in I am about the lack of a grasp of general principles of copyright generally. I still think it's pretty clear that you can't use someone else's content unless it's contextually important as the subject of a piece, and even then that can't be a platform for over-use. I could be wrong, but I've operated from a belief that says I could, for instance, use the Zyglis cartoon in question here because this is a story about that cartoon in a way the politician couldn't just republish it, or someone else couldn't just use it to illustrate whatever political point it illustrates. The idea that you can use whatever you google is an interesting one both because it reflects a core belief that a lot of smart people have, and because it's an operating truth for a lot of people that don't have a sophisticated set of thoughts on the matter. The explosion of Tumblr kind of puts these issues back on the table.
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