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June 26, 2017

Fantagraphics Hiring For Social Media Position Following The Departure Of Anna Pederson

I'm told that this job opening at Fantagraphics is the result of Anna Pederson leaving the company. Pederson worked for full two years replacing Jen Vaughn in the marketing/PR portion of the company, but had worked as an intern for the company as early as 2012. Pederson I believe also worked a stint as an intern at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund when the Fund was in New York City.

Here's an undated profile of Pederson hosted on the Fantagraphics site. According to her tweet about the opening, she'll be heading to Los Angeles.

"I love Anna and wish she wasn't leaving but I support her," Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds told CR. "She knows I'm really going to miss her, yet I am proud of her for taking a leap into the unknown."

The job opening closes on the fourth of July.

Best of luck to Ms. Pederson in anything she tries in the future, and a thank you for the work done.

Good luck to all those applying to a key position at one of the great publishers in the world.
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