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September 15, 2013

Fantagraphics To Continue With Themed Peanuts Books With Baseball-Related Batter Up Charlie Brown


Fantagraphics has officially announced Batter Up, Charlie Brown!, a best-of selection of baseball-related strip from Peanuts in a kind of gift-book format: hardcover, 64 pages, two-color, appealingly designed including a hand-held format.

There's several interesting things about that as a bit of publishing news. One is that this means the Christmas-related gift book the alt-publisher did last year must have been successful enough for another endeavor. Another is that this -- with softcovers of the dailies and color Sunday editions -- represents an extension of the Peanuts relationship that has been very profitable for the publisher as they head into the last 10 years of the archival collection of the dailies. Yet another is that this will give Fantagraphics another Peanuts-related track to explore as the general licensing traffic for Peanuts picks up in anticipation of the 65th anniversary of the strip in 2015.

The book is due in April.
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