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September 15, 2013

Fantagraphics To Release First New Buddy Bradley Trade Collection In Seven Years This April


Fantagraphics has announced the April 2014 release of the first new trade collection in seven years featuring Peter Bagge's work on the iconic Buddy Bradley characters. Buddy Buys A Dump will focus on material that's been published in the Hate Annual books. It is a continuation of the Buddy Does Seattle/Buddy Does Jersey omnibus-style collection of that groundbreaking material.

The 144-page, full-color collection will sell for $22.95.

Bagge is actually doing several new pages of comics for the collection, a rarity for this kind of material, and generally welcome given this is the cartoonist's foundational comics character. I hope that the book benefits from an increased attention on Bagge and his work that started with this year's Woman Rebel and that this intensifies in 2014 until 2015's 25th Anniversary of Hate.
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