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February 14, 2014

Festivals Extra: Linework NW, CAKE Announce Exhibitors


The new Portland, Oregon comics show Linework NW has announced the majority of its launch show's exhibitor line-up via spectacular Michael DeForge poster. Because space is limited you get a lot of collectives and groups and publishers -- it's a way to provide some bang for the buck in terms of involving a lot of artists (one assumes Fantagraphics can rotate eight or nine artists through a day at a full table or two as opposed to one or two artists settling in the same space) and the publishers are great to have just because. I was a bit surprised but happy to see Dark Horse and Oni exhibiting -- they are local publishers but maybe not as alt-/art- as Linework NW might have as an initial reputation due way the show developed out of competing ideas for the now slightly-submerged-into-other-things Stumptown show. At any rate, that looks like a great show and I wish it were easier for me to attend. I think hyper-local shows are really, really important over the next few years. Seattle, Austin, Portland, Minneapolis, Ashville, Chicago, LA, Brooklyn, Athens, San Francisco, Montreal, Vancouver and maybe a half-dozen others -- all the traditional places where young people go to live should have a show that could take place even if all the airports shut down for a week before and a week after, that emphasize and show off and flatter a scene as much as any sort of national or regional ambition. Many of those cities need the other kinds of shows, too! I hope Linework NW can be that first kind of show for Portland.

Ten seconds after I posted the above, the Chicago arts- and alt-comics show CAKE sent out an e-mail touting their exhibitors and guest list. That's the one in Chicago, which in grand Chicago comics tradition will be held during a holiday weekend, this time for a second year on the sort-of-near north side (it's less than halfway to Evanston, but I used to know people in Chicago that turned 30 before they got anywhere near Edgewater). That's a show that a lot of exhibitors will drive to without feeling like they want to die halfway there; it shows off that region's deep bench. The e-mail announced that show's special guests as Anya Davidson, Ines Estrada, Edie Fake, Lizz Hickey, Hellen Jo, Tony Millionaire, and the publisher Nobrow Books.

Update: Whoops, I can't read a calendar. Got a note from someone named "Max" that informed me "Memorial Day weekend is May 24th-May 26th. We planned pretty hard in order not to conflict with holidays folks might leave town for, and in order not to conflict with other comics festivals." My bad.

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