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August 7, 2014

Festival Extra: Los Angeles Gets A Comics Festival

imageOne of the great opportunities to enter into the wider public consciousness looks like it might be off the table, as a handful of readers are directing me to a site for something called Comic Arts Los Angeles. That looks a Short Run/Linework NW/Comic Arts Brooklyn one-day type show, but this time in the one city that had thwarted earlier efforts at a larger but still-indy type show. With the popularity of such shows, their achievable cost-model, the wealth of talent in the area and the attractiveness of the area for visitors, it's seemed for a while like a one-day show of this newest kind would potentially kill there. I know that for the last three years someone in LA doing this kind of show seemed to be a topic of conversation every time I visited; maybe this can be it. They certainly have the appropriately cool-looking space, which is a big part of it. I hope to go. It's December 6.
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