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May 20, 2014

Festivals Extra: ACE Parking To Sell SDCC Spaces Today

This is the direct link. Noon ET. I think it's pretty intuitive. What I don't know -- and I should, so I apologize -- is how necessary securing one of these places is. Like I don't know how hard it is to secure a space if you just drive into town. The last couple of times I've done that, I've really had no problem -- I went a little early, and found spaces east of the main restaurant throughfares a-plenty. I do know that valet parking at the hotels is starting to slip into the $35 and $40 range now. Also, if you have very specific carry-into needs at the show, I would imagine securing a prime space would be important.

Looking around a bit more, it looks like the devoted SDCC blog had a walk-through tour of that process.
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