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September 18, 2013

Festivals Extra: CAB Continues Roll Out On Limited Programming Slate; Releases Kim Deitch Poster


Paul Karasik dropped me a line about Comic Arts Brooklyn announcing another panel on its limited programming slate. This time it's what looks basically like a Young Cartoonists panel called "What We Like" to be hosted by Karen Green and to feature Katie Skelly, Lisa Hanawalt, Michael DeForge and Joe Lambert. I actually think that could be fascinating in that younger cartoonists tend to be exposed to a magnificent variety of material in all sorts of odd fashion since the horn of plenty that is cable TV and Internet culture started barfing around 1995 or so. You tend to have real obscurities mixed in with very broad mainstream material. Plus those are all visually appealing artists.

I don't plan on making singular posts out of every piece of programming added to CAB, but I hope by posting Karasik or Green will find a way to get me into the panel audience for this one. That Knitting Factory venue is not the biggest venue in the world; that show is weeks away and I've already given up on being seated at the City Of Glass reunion panel.

Also, for no particular reason, here's the Kim Deitch poster they've recently released.

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