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January 15, 2014

Festivals Extra: CCI Announces 20 More Guests


I like that these conventions are making a big deal of their special-guest roll-outs. I can't follow all of them here; I've missed several shows making announcements including I think the last CCI announcement. But I like these stories as snapshot stories. I always thought that HeroesCon did a good job driving attention to its full guest list. TCAF is good with its top announcements, too.

imageThis round was:

* June Brigman
* Mark Brooks
* Colleen Coover
* Chuck Dixon
* Francesco Francavilla
* Brian Haberlin
* Gregg Hurwitz
* Batton Lash
* Jim Lee
* Paul Levitz
* Sara Mayhew
* Michelle Nolan
* Denny O’Neil
* John Picacio
* Mimi Pond
* Stan Sakai
* Jeff Smith
* J. Michael Straczynski
* Maggie Thompson
* Paul Tobin

I'm excited to hang out with Mimi Pond, and to see Jeff Smith. Actually, there's a lot of people on that list I like and enjoy. I'm glad to see that Stan Sakai plans to attend.
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