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July 5, 2013

Festivals Extra: CCI Panel Roll-Out Begins

imageThe programming slate at Comic-Con has begun to roll out. Those are always a lot of fun, and I like looking at the lists as its own thing for all the PR approaches and strategies on display. I'll shrink the schedule down to a comics-only list next week: you can do that with a filter right there on the site, but I might have a different definition of comics than that filter, I'm not sure yet.

As far as Thursday goes, I'm moderating a panel about blogging that begins at 7 PM. I'd usually recommend one of my own panels because it seems churlish not to, but I don't know -- that's dinner time. I'll try to make it as entertaining as possible, and one supposes the possibility that I'll be experiencing major blood-sugar issues and will start hallucinating and screaming things at Rich Johnston could make that one fun.

I think this year's show is going to be fascinating in terms of what comics people do with it. Also, I totally forgot Gene Deitch is going to be there. Holy crap. He'll be there primarily for his animation achievements, but what a good cartoonist. There are a lot of holy crap comics moments like that for me at Comic-Con, and a lot of hardcore comics-nerd stuff, too.
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