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February 26, 2014

Festivals Extra: Comic-Con Early Bird Hotel Registration Opens

Comic-Con International has opened up registration for the "early bird" part of their tiered hotel registration system. They're making available hotels that aren't within walking distance to the show, for the most part, in packages that involve you go all in on the size and scope of a pretty consider comics show weekend. I've stayed at three of these hotels, and the weekend was fine in each case. It's only a quirk of comics culture that treats having to be 20 feet from the convention front door -- which is indeed wonderful -- as a necessity, the same way that people that go to a bar before it gets popular get fixated on one or two seat locations.

People sometimes write me to talk about their perception of Comic-Con even five years ago: a lot looser in terms of who signed up for what and where and how. One thing I always try to point out is that not only does the roar of demand -- which doesn't even have the outlet of simply increasing the size of the show these days, as they've committed to San Diego -- mean that they have to find different ways of doing things, most of the people I know including some I'm talking to abused some aspect of the old system in a way that makes it weird for us to ever complain now that things are more structured than they used to be. I used to get a bunch of different hotel rooms before the deposits got crazy, and give them to people that didn't get lucky or forgot to sign up. I used to register as both a pro and as a press person so that I could pick which line was shorter when I got to the hall. I'm probably uniquely scummy this way, but I know a ton of people that seem to be angry at shows in general because they're harder to manipulate to personal effect. As I try to remind them, back when we were pulling our shenanigans, there were a bunch of older people that wished things could be like they were ten years before that.

They also announced another round of guests for the San Diego show, which is worth going to stare at just for the hats that Ray Billingley and Michael Lark are sporting. I'm glad to see Rina Piccolo will be there, as she does very few shows.
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