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April 7, 2014

Festivals Extra: Comic-Con International Hotel Lottery Tuesday

imageKevin Melrose has his usual, solid, link-laden post that tells us the annual sign-up for Comic-Con International hotels will be held tomorrow. That's "San Diego" or "San Diego Con" if you're playing along at home. I don't know that I have anything to recommend other than 1) know in advance what hotels you're going to list; 2) closer is indeed better, but really it's more like right up next to it = ideal, up to 10 blocks away = pretty great; just about anywhere else, very doable, but you have to plan for it and adjust your schedule a bit; 3) in past years, this wasn't the best time to be using anything but one of the big-name browsers.

I stayed here last year and really liked it; I thought it was relatively low-key for one of that group of hotels (the up-close kind), almost no one used the pool or weight room, it was a fun place to have a first drink or last drink, and the deli across the street was great. Plus you're close to the Omni, which is where a lot of people that have money and/or access to someone else's money to buy you breakfast stay. I thought I might mention that hotel because it's not where I'm staying this year.

What else...? It's also worth noting that Travel Planners takes two days worth of reservation money pretty quickly. I can understand why they do that, because I used to game that system like Cadet Kirk. Still, it's a shocker if you aren't ready for it.

The prices are interesting to me, too, only in that we seem to be getting to a point where all sorts of weird options will be in play. Like I'm pretty sure that if I reserved a room early enough I could do the Hotel Del Coronado without a minimum stay period for something close price-wise to one of the main hotels. Future years may get pretty creative, and I'm not just talking about 2011, when I slept duct-taped to the side of Jonah Weiland's boat.

that is the US Grant, the Margaret Dumont of San Diego hotels; photo by Whit Spurgeon in 2012
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