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December 19, 2013

Festivals Extra: Comic-Con International Names First 20 Guests For 2014


Comic-Con International has announced its first 20 guests for its big summer event, planned for July this year in San Diego. They did so via social media and their devoted blog. The guests represent the range of material covered by the convention, and include a number of super-admirable choices on the comics side of things.

Those guests announced are:

* Amanda Conner
* Brian Crane
* Eleanor Davis
* Jane Espenson
* Raymond E. Feist
* Drew Friedman
* Michael T. Gilbert
* Willie Ito
* Caitlin R. Kiernan
* Lucy Knisley
* David Lasky
* Graham Nolan
* Jimmy Palmiotti
* Benoit Peeters
* Don Rosa
* Jim Rugg
* Francois Schuiten
* Scott Snyder
* Fiona Staples
* Gene Luen Yang

Bunch of stuff jumps out at me here. I got about a half-dozen people e-mailing me right away excited about Schuiten and Peeters; that's a great choice, and that con has a long history of inviting over otherwise difficult to see European cartooning guests, particularly those with a foot in the arts-comics album making of the pre-L'Asso era. Eleanor Davis, Gene Yang and Lucy Knisley all strike me as broadly appealing cartoonists of the kind whose material you could very easily introduce people to on the floor as well as providing people that are already fans of their work a chance to meet them. Dave Lasky and Jim Rugg are super-admirable mainstays of alternative comics. Drew Friedman is an excellent cartoonist and a smart and articulate speaker about his work and things related, so I'm glad he's going to do this show. Scott Snyder and Fiona Staples are key mainstream comics talents of right now. I'm always happy to see Don Rosa... Extremely solid comics list.

The convention has provided biographies of each guest here, and plans to announce a ton more in coming weeks.
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