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October 10, 2017

Festivals Extra: CXC Participates In Local Charity Campaign


The comics festival for which I work, Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, is participating in a local/regional charity campaign called The Big Give. The Columbus Foundation has set up a way to give to charities of one's choice while they eat the credit card and provide bonuses. It's a classy, community-minded way to feed local events and organizations of value.

Here is the link to the CXC pages on their site.

We're still a new show, and we're going to try everything we can to raise money for what we hope will one day be a premier comics event. In the meantime, we still insist on relatively low table costs, honoraria for those that help us with programming preparation (moderators and presenters) and free attendance to everything possible for us to keep free. If you're inclined to give money this way, we'd sure put it to good use. Thanks.

Also, this is a great excuse for me to post photos from the show, now nine days in the rearview mirror.

above: derf. we want to make all cartoonists as happy as derf is here
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