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September 2, 2014

By Request Extra: Drew Weing Joins Ranks Of Webcomics Cartoonists Seeking Support Via Patreon Site


I urge you to check out the Patreon for the cartoonist Drew Weing, part of the early 2000s generation of webcomics makers that were noteworthy for their professional-level chops (this was probably more of an issue with those of us used to print) and their interest in working with some of the format opportunities available to them. The Creepy Casefiles Of Margo Maloo is about as traditional as comics gets, at least thus far, but Weing's cartooning is always interesting and I've enjoyed reading this one.

I'll stay away from saying that this option may serve as a market correction for cartoonists like Weing -- I don't know enough about his situation to know what's going on -- but it's certainly the one he's endorsed and I'd love to see him make a go of it.
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