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February 19, 2014

Festivals Extra: Group Challenges Denver Comic-Con Adherence To Original Mission + Revenue Use

Here. I'm going to look into it, but it's a fascinating read as is and the kind of thing that should be widely looked-into, so if I'm not on point -- and I actually assume I'm way behind already -- that's just fine with me.

Update: Heidi MacDonald has cut and paste the convention's statement in response. I usually roll my eyes at cutting and pasting, but in this case it may be a good thing because I can't find it on the con's Facebook page as I'm typing this. I'll try to sort things out tomorrow. These seem like charges that are either pretty easy to prove/disprove, because there's a paper trail required by law, or can never be proved/disproved because they're a judgment call based on dueling opinions of what should be emphasized and to what extent.
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