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August 27, 2014

Festivals Extra: Short Run Announces Its 2014 Exhibitors List

Short Run, the popular Seattle-based one-day arts comics show, has posted its exhibitor line-up for the 2014 iteration, coming mid-November.

It's one that's worth looking at if you're going, sure, but also if you're not just for the snapshot aspect of what a show like that can bring to bear in terms of a mix of local talent, regional arts-comics stars and a few arriving from far away. Also, you have to be pretty hardcore attentive to either that scene or comics more broadly or both to recognize everyone on that list. I think the one-day shows like that represent a model that's really sustainable for the major cities with significant cartooning communities. Also, that Denny Eichhorn isn't even on-line, at least not in an official capacity, made me laugh.
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