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March 6, 2014

Festivals Extra: SOI Makes Clear This Year's MoCCA Festival Prize Entry Rules

So with Drew Friedman's work appearing at the Society Of Illustrators starting this evening, I thought it might be time to check in on next months' MoCCA Festival to see if I'd missed any important announcements. I missed a doozy: the linked-to page details how they'll be doing their Festival Awards Of Excellence this year. I have to imagine that's a desirable thing for which to apply given the SOI is the kind of organization that does awards pretty well as a springboard for publicity -- plus your work becomes curated for the Columbia comics archives, so that's nice, too. And you're going to be there already. Come on!

Judges this year are Gregory Benton, Tracy Hurren, Chip Kidd, Chris Pitzer and James Sturm -- so if nothing else, a lot of folks will see you work that might be in a position to publish you or otherwise play a supporting role in the movie of your life in comics.
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