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June 30, 2014

Festivals Extra: SPX Fills Out 2014 Alt-Weekly Focus Guest Slate With A Bunch Of Appropriate Talent

This announcement was made last week, but I think it's worth noting before the moment totally passes. One of strengths of SPX is that it can go deep on its guest list due to the nature of the show, its desirability for a stopping point by potential on-site pros, and its general resources. After announcing Jules Feiffer, James Sturm and Lynda Barry in its first alt-weekly focus announcement -- a fine show right there with no one else added -- they named a second wave to include Tom Tomorrow, Jen Sorensen, Charles Burns and Ben Katchor. That is a really great line-up: Sorensen is also a good one for the 20th Anniversary celebration because that's where a lot of us remember first running into her (the award-winning editorial cartoonist was a student within driving distance). Charles Burns is one of the great comics artists. Tom Tomorrow and Ben Katchor rarely appear at show; I don't know if I've even met the former at any show, ever.

As we work our way into an era with so many good shows, how the individual shows execute a theme is going to be a bigger and bigger deal: this looks like an accomplished, thoughtful series of moves.

I also wonder if they're trying for Matt Groening, with Burns joining Barry.
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