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March 11, 2014

Festivals Extra: Take A Moment To Mind Your Deadlines

With a big arts opening 10 days from now in Columbus featuring the works of Richard Thompson and Bill Watterson setting the stage, comics about to head into an intense April and May for comics festivals and conventions, followed by a busy summer.

If you're inclined to attend a few of these shows -- as a professional, as press or as an attendee -- maybe take five minutes today to see if you're meeting all of your deadlines to register and otherwise get yourself from where you are right now to the show and back again. Particular attention at this time should be paid to digging up your passport if you're a U.S. citizen heading to Canada for TCAF. You're not quite at the point where you'd have to do the super-fast passport registration, but you're getting there. So go put your hands or at least your eyeballs on all of this material before things get crazy.
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