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June 28, 2013

Festivals Extra: Three Weeks From Now... SDCC

One of the odder outcomes of the explosion in quality conventions and comics festivals is that the individual conventions don't seem to loom as large for as long. Just five years ago, posting this site's Comic-Con Guide on Memorial Day felt like it was six weeks later than everyone's attention warranted; now it seems like no one is mentally fixating on any of the shows, even the nation's largest, until a few weeks out at best.

Well, we're now a few weeks out from San Diego. The Comic-Con site is a reasonably humming one right now. Exhibitor information is up, including the standard map. I thought there might be an exodus of a certain kind of comics exhibitor, but there really wasn't. The Toucan site is something that I haven't been paying as much attention to as I probably should have; I plan on streamlining its coverage into my link-blogging start next week, but there's a ton of stuff up.

I think that should be an interesting show, in part because of that change of context. I plan on being there to track it.
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