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June 12, 2014

Festivals Extra: Toronto Comic Arts Festival Announces Dates For '15; 22K In Attendance For '14 Show

imageThere's a fine write-up here from the Toronto Comic Arts Festival organizers about their 2014, which felt good on the ground and sounds even better when presented all official-like in prose report form. I'm glad for them to announce a number of 22,000 in attendance, which they secure with the help of the library -- there's such numbers inflation right now with people either choosing the "each day" way of counting multiple day attendees or people making up odd formulae through which to get from the numbers they have to the numbers they suspect are more accuate.

More importantly for a show at the stage of development they're in, it looks like there were no false step in continuing to offer citywide events in support of the main exhibition days, and they plan on continuing forward with their professional development/academics and librarians day in much the same manner as they did it this year. In that light May 8 is designated a day of the show along with main exhibition days May 9 and May 10. They won't be leaving that weekend any time soon I don't think, and certainly no one would be dumb enough to challenge that had any overlap in focus.
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