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February 14, 2014

Festivals Extra: What If They Had Events I Didn't Know About?

I have kind of missed until this week word of two events that might be of interest. I want to make them their own post not because I'm going to make a habit of spotlighting events that way but because getting a pull-out like this might provide a counter-balance to their complete absence from my regular calendar until a few days ago.

* so I guess I covered Mini-Comics Day last year, but I have little memory of doing so. Mini-comics are fun, and can be the fulcrum point for many a comics-makers for the lifetime of their interest in comics, if need be. They deserve as many days as they want.

* this one snuck up on me altogether, despite my getting to meet Randy Scott last Fall: a sprawling "forum"-designated series of events at Michigan State University, featuring what may be Stan Sakai's first public appearance since his recent healthcare shortfall was made public. Sakai is a great choice and does really well presenting his work, so that should be fun.
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