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April 4, 2014

Festivals Extra: WonderCon Announces Programming

I wish I had noticed this before the Festival column on Thursday, but it looks like Comic-Con has announced its 2014 WonderCon programming. That's interesting to me because I don't have a sense of that show's specific character in Anaheim -- I barely had a sense of it in the Bay Area, to be honest with you -- and one way to figure out a show and who it's serving is to check out the programming. You can start here.

It looks like they're providing an academic track and their writer/artist speed dating connection thing. I'm always for these academic conferences that fold themselves into conventions because those people need places to present. The Comic Creator Connection sessions seem like a really good idea, and I would have killed for something like that back in 1992 or whatever.

Update: Thursday must be the day that everyone announces things, because I see that LineworkNW has a page up on their satellite events and SPACE has their full programming and events page up.

Another Update: C2E2 has announced its programming as well.
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