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April 15, 2018

FFF Results Post #500d -- Memories Are Made Of This


On Friday, March 16, a select group of CR readers were asked to "Name Five Memories Related To Five Comics, But Don't Name The Comics." This is how they responded.


Kiel Phegley

1. Asking the teenager at the hostess stand of Bill Knapps restaurant for the comics they kept in a secret basket when I was 8
2. Reading a graphic novel I should have been cool enough to know already but didn't that was given to me by a girl I dated after graduating high school
3. Binge-reading a godawful vampire comic as prep for an interview while sitting on an air mattress for an early Wizard magazine assignment
4. Distracting myself from writer's block with an 80-page giant-style reprint while at grad school residency
5. Flipping through random sale item comiXology purchases while rocking my newborn to sleep


Stephen Harrick

1. Using Silly Putty to make an ephemeral copy of the comic strip
2. Expanding my vocabulary by asking adults what certain words meant
3. Going to my friend David's house to read comics that my mother wouldn't let me buy
4. Standing in awe of the seemingly countless titles during my earliest Wednesday trips
5. Searching the entire house to find the misplaced comic my friend Jon let me borrow


Tom Spurgeon

1. 1000 hours spent reading after lunch and before we were allowed to go swimming again.
2. Having a Beatles joke explained to me I thought was a non-sequitur.
3. My father's Hal Foster story.
4. My mother's Jim Davis syndication story.
5. The story-strip plot point that made my Aunt Barbara cry.


Oliver Ristau

1. Me bleeding heavily and not realizing it at all while being mentally in the jungle of Palombia.
2. Traveling by train to a town where I've never been before just to get that collection of comics being only sold in certain reagions as part of a market testing phase, I felt like that mercenary after successfully accomplishing my task.
3. Being torn between spending money on a strange and magical experience in comics or firecrackers on new year's eve.
4. Met someone who really loved to re-stage scenes from a comic being classified as not for kids.
5. I once traded a model of a Japanese submarine for a stack of comics.


thanks to those that participated; normal service will begin with #501 at a future date

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