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December 5, 2016

OTBP: Epoxy Cartoon Magazine

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Go, Read: Article On The Post-Development Move Status Of The Beguiling And Its Outlets

Something that unites many comics fans of the fervent, alt-comics variety with many other camps of comics-makers is their abiding love for The Beguiling, the Toronto super-store owned by Peter Birkemoe whose prominent personalities includes the convention organizer and industry advocate Chris Butcher. They've been on the clock for a move since a very prominent development project got underway, best known in the news for having an effect on the Honest Ed's store. Here's a mournful story on the implications for some of the single-structure businesses including and surrounding the comics shop.

The latest story notes that a new space has been found, they'll be operational in the new year with a potential soft launch this month, the kids-comics store Little lsland will close its physical location and makes some of its stock available at the library-housed Page and Panel location, and they're looking for additional space with an emphasis on places that can encompass live events. This is all noteworthy for the quality and history of the retailer, although I'm not sure how much analysis there is to be made beyond noting each move is in play.

As always, we wish Birkemoe and Team Beguiling the best of luck and trust in the wisdom of any decisions they make in getting where they want to go.

thanks, Dave Knott, for the nudge
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Go, Look: Stalin

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Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* Paul Pope and Out Of Step Arts have done a nice-looking print, $5 of which will go to support Hero Initiative. I bet that will be special-looking when in-hand. Pope is a powerful visual talent.

* there is still some work to do on the Odod Books crowd-funder, which could use both individual action and maybe a major white knight or two. I wish I could be one of these latter kinds of people; I think those books look extremely attractive and hope they're published the way Uncivilized wants to see them published.

* all of Seibei's goods are sold with a charitable donation in mind, and I bought the latest three t-shirts with a relationship to the ACLU for a family member.

* I don't know how his Christmas sale went, but I'm fond of Jeremy Eaton and know he lives close to the vest in terms of his art-making so I hope you'll consider him or a worthy artist like him for some holiday-sales attention this month and into the new year.

* others we've tracked recently: Alice W. Castle's personal funding request, legendary Seattle comics shop Zanadu looking for some relief, the great Russ Heath seeking some volunteer help, a pretty healthy-looking Drew Friedman documentary poised to take care of its back half, whatever this Dave Sim effort is trying to do, Frank Quitely's animation effort is looking to add more to its just-reached goal.

* finally, Hans Rickheit wrote in to suggest that the artist Mathew Van Dinter should have his patreon supported.
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Go, Look: Bill Sienkiewicz Images Gallery

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Go, Look: Crack Comics #6

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Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on The Flash #3. AJ Frost on Star Wars Annual #2.

* a few CR readers closely following the post-election political coverage sent in links to articles about a cabinet appointment for someone whose financial history includes working with superhero-type movies. If there's nothing else we've learned recently it's about all the different ways people can make a lot of money.

* not comics: the body count from Oakland continues to rise. I don't know of any unlicensed spaces with a lot of comics-maker participation, but certainly know people that lived in such space in the 1990s and certainly know some near-squatters now.

* they seem to be rolling out X-Men comics announcements on a continuing basis, enough I feel my column about publishing news can't handle the news overload. I think that's too bad: I feel like that valuable set of concepts that is that corner of Marvel could use a break from a bunch of different titles all taffy-pulling a limited number of already-established ideas. I'd be open to counter-arguments on that, for sure. It's not really my area. I guess my thesis is that most ways to conceive of the X-Men are less sturdy than the company might think, and that the checklist-driven notion of making sure each agreed-upon popular concept has its own comic book might even keep new formulations from popping up.

* finally, Robert Boyd talks to Scott Gilbert.
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Happy 46th Birthday, Chris Mautner!

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Happy 41st Birthday, Bill Mudron!

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Happy 92nd Birthday, Sam Glanzman!

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Happy 47th Birthday, Ron Regé Jr.!

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December 4, 2016

Gotlib, RIP

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Feel Better, Carol Tyler!

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Go, Look: 40th Birthday Images Received By Brandon Graham

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Go, Look: Ivan Brunetti Gag Cartoons

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If I Were In LA, I'd Go To This

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If I Were In The Republic Of Malta, I'd Go To This

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If I Were In Vegas, I'd Go To This

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Happy 55th Birthday, Michael Neno!

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Happy 43rd Birthday, Scott Morse!

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Happy 46th Birthday, Joel Priddy!

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Happy 56th Birthday, Geof Isherwood!

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Happy 52nd Birthday, R. Sikoryak!

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Happy 65th Birthday, Régis Loisel!

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FFF Results Post #466 -- Peace On Earth

On Friday, CR readers were asked to "Name Five Industry Pairings You'd Like to See Sing A Bowie/Crosby Style Christmas Medley." This is how they responded.


* Abhay Khosla and Dan DiDio (Oliver Ristau)
* Alan Light and Gary Groth (Dave Knott)
* Alan Moore and Grant Morrison (Dave Knott)
* Aline Kominsky-Crumb and Raina Telgemeier (Tom Spurgeon)
* Andrew MacLean/Tim Truman (Stergios Botzakis)

* Anna Haifisch and Gina Wynbrandt (Oliver Ristau)
* Annie Koyama and Dan Nadel (Nathan Chazan)
* Brandon Graham and Dave Sim (Nathan Chazan)
* Cheryl Lynn Eaton and Brandon Graham (Oliver Ristau)
* Dan Clowes and Seth (Sean Kleefeld)

* Dan Didio/Stan Lee (Stergios Botzakis)
* Dave Sim and Jeff Smith (Dave Knott)
* Erika Moen and Lucy Bellwood (Sean Kleefeld)
* Gary Groth and Joe McCulloch (Tom Spurgeon)
* Chester Brown and Nina Bunjevac (Tom Spurgeon)

* James Kochalka/Seth (Stergios Botzakis)
* Joe McCulloch and Frederick Schodt (Nathan Chazan)
* Kate Beaton/Ramona Fradon (Stergios Botzakis)
* Lynda Barry and Marie Severin (Sean Kleefeld)
* Matt Fraction/Jim Steranko (Stergios Botzakis)

* Mia Schwartz and Frank Cho (Oliver Ristau)
* Michael Deforge and Kazuo Umezu (Nathan Chazan)
* Neil Gaiman and Eddie Campbell (Sean Kleefeld)
* Ramona Fradon and Steve Ditko (Oliver Ristau)
* Sarah Horrocks and Pat Mills (Nathan Chazan)

* Shirtless Scott Adams and Matt Bors (Tom Spurgeon)
* Simon Hanselmann and John Byrne (Tom Spurgeon)
* Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (Dave Knott)
* Steve Ditko and Stan Lee (Sean Kleefeld)
* Ted Rall and Danny Hellman (Dave Knott)


thanks to all that participated

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