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October 3, 2012

Frank Cammuso Let Go By Syracuse Post-Standard

So tweets Phil McAndrew. I'm on the road, but hopefully I've seen some sort of confirmation based perhaps on my re-tweeting McAndrew's note to my peers, at which point I can delete this sentence. Here's a piece about the layoffs more generally.

Cammuso may better known for his kids' comics work than he is for his editorial cartoons, but he had been at the Post-Standard at least a couple of decades, and went there straight form the university. I can't imagine a newspaper work scenario dreamed up involving a cartoonist that Cammuso's skill-set couldn't match, so my guess is this one may be as much if not more about doing without that part of the paper, as opposed to something specific to the veteran comics-maker. I wish him the best; I'm sure he has a lot of different projects in the planning stages.
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