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June 28, 2013

Ghost Rider Copyright Trial Date Set For Early November

imageThere are a couple of articles up indicating that the Ghost Rider trial date has been set for November 4; this one is pretty standard. A previous, pro-Marvel decision was vacated about 10 days ago. My understanding is that what's at issue is if the language of a later agreement signed by Gary Friedrich that the original decision pointed to as a key reassignment of rights was worded in a way that makes it clear that was what was happening given the presumption that these rights are important enough that they would have been engaged more directly by a legal course of action seeking to do this. And that last sentence is why I'm not a lawyer.

Anyway, I'm happy as a general rule to see creators get a larger piece of any pie that's served up. I don't really count on the courts being the sole dispensing agent of what's just in matters like this one, and from what I understand the character's provenance is actually reasonably complicated even in a 3-AM-in-the-dorm-hallway way. Still if the legal maneuvering facilitates a more rigorous standard when it comes to creators and their copyrights for characters they bring to companies, that seems like a undeniably good thing.
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