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October 13, 2008

Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up?

imageI'm totally, totally kidding when I use the above headline to note that Scott Rosenberg's Platinum Studios has asked a bunch of entertainment industry veterans including Wizard's Gareb Shamus to serve on an advisory board. I can get worked up about a lot of stuff, but even I have limits. Still, judging from a couple of e-mails I've received I bet that's how some people are going to view the news, especially in light of people looking towards Wizard in the post-Fred Pierce era for some indication of a back-to-basics strategy or other solid game plan intended to restore that company's luster.

As to the story itself, my understanding is that these kinds of things are pretty rote and don't involve any investment on anyone's part so if something happens, fine, and if something doesn't, that's fine, too. Platinum gets a press release, the participants get something to put on the resume, and if there's something that happens from it, great. We have an advisory board at CR, although ours consists of fictional comics reporter characters Scoop Scanlon, Brenda Starr, Carl Kolchak, Spider Jerusalem, Tintin, Sohei Toge, Perry White, Rick Redfern, Ben Urich and Jack McGee, from whose life-sized standees I seek advice while drunk. While it's always a bit distressing to see Platinum add more bells and whistles rather than publishing a few more comics in its seeming bid to become a comics conduit to Hollywood with as little paper product as possible, it's worth noting that the model could totally work for Platinum if a few of their properties hit in some way.
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