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February 27, 2007

Go, Attend: Wake for Arthur Magazine

imageI totally gaped on covering this yesterday, but it looks like the free cultural magazine Arthur, which covered a lot of comics makers in addition to sporting a fine number of comics itself, has moved from ongoing concern to either outright death or at best some sort of disputed half- or quarter-life. Probably outright death. The cause seems to have been a disagreement between the magazine's co-owners on the future of the magazine and their respective roles in same.

Founding Editor Jay Babcock sent along this statement: "My personal experience of the last two months, watching this dream be murdered in slow motion, has been absolutely excruciating and has taken a huge psychic and physical toll on me. Time to let go. It's been a good run on Arthur, or at least as good as I could do given the pretty difficult circumstances. Time to move on now, can't sit here feeling betrayed forever -- but that's it for me in magazines, though."

The Village Voice has also chimed in with a piece.

Arthur published 25 issues in a four year-plus run. The magazine's brief existence will be celebrated with an event at Los Angeles' Family this Thursday.
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