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November 19, 2009

Go, Buy: SLG Recession Sale


Evan Dorkin says that SLG is having a 40 percent off sale right now to clear some recession-related hurdles heading into the holiday season. Well, Evan said the first part and suggested the second, actually. Anyway, a lot of people are having sales right now or are about to launch into one. CR will try to have as many of those sales as possible, but SLG's will be done by then and they're a big enough entity in comics I don't mind devoting a bit of space to their efforts of this type. Here's five books off the top of my head I'd recommend you think about adding to your collection.

* Paris, Andi Watson and Simon Gane
* NIL: A Land Beyond Belief, James Turner
* Who's Laughing Now? Or Any Of The Dork! Material, Evan Dorkin
* Samurai Jam, Andi Watson
* Punk Rock And Trailer Parks, Derf

There's a lot more stuff, including more by those authors, through the site.

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