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May 12, 2009

Go, Look: 25 Coolest Super-Villains


I don't really think of comics this way a whole lot of the time, so it's difficult for me to say if this is a good list or not, but it's fun to look at all the different styles of art smashed together. When I was a kid I found Ultron to be kind of scary -- something about trying to punch someone made of metal and the hopelessness of this task discouraged me. I used to have scary Neal Adams-drawn dreams about the Sentinels when I was a young'un: that hand reaching down into your smashed house, the glowing eyes... I wouldn't be a child of the '70s without some fondness for Kang. I like the way 9-Jack-9 operates in those old Zot! comics, too, although it doesn't look like independent comics counted.
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