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February 10, 2014

Go, Look: Hic & Hoc Announces Their 2014 Line-Up


The publisher Hic & Hoc has released a whole bunch of cover images and specific information for their 2014 publishing line-up. Formally announced were:

* Cheer Up, Noah Van Sciver, Fall, comic book , 24 pages.
* Infinite Bowman, Pat Aulisio, Fall, softcover, 144 pages.
* Irene Vol. 4, Dakota McFadzean, Andy Warner, and d w (Editors); McFadzean, Warner, DW, Amy Lockhart And Emi Gennis And Jackie Roche And James Hindle And Georgia Webber And Various (Creators); Spring, softcover, 168 pages.
* Mimi and the Wolves Act I, Alabaster, Spring, softcover, 64 pages.
* Scaffold: The Collected Edition, V A Graham & J A Eisenhower, Summer, Softcover, 64 pages.

I guess I could just replicate the information presented, but let me direct you to the Hic & Hoc post linked-to above; they deserve the (surely modest) traffic. I think that's a fine line-up. Can't have too much Noah Van Sciver.
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