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December 30, 2016

Go, Look: Michael Dooley's Designer-Driven Best Of 2016 For Print Magazine


Click through the image or here for the full list. Dooley uses a lot of art given Print's area of focus, so those area always fun articles to look at even if you're not engaged with the choices. The choices strike me as solid, though.

* Best Meta-Biography of a Fictional Southeast Asian Cartoonist: The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, Sonny Liew
* Best Meta-Biography of an Alcoholic Norwegian Artist: Munch, Steffen Kverneland
* Best Future Visions by a Drug-Addicted Norwegian Artist: Soft City, Hariton Pushwagner (pictured above)
* Best Dada Fotonovela by a Canadian Cartoonist: Carpet Sweeper Tales, Julie Doucet
* Best Satirical Depression Noir: Cousin Joseph, Jules Feiffer
* Best Intro to Independent European Comics Artists: Spanish Fever: Stories by the New Spanish Cartoonists, Santiago Garcia (Editor)
* Best Critical Analysis of a Superhero Writer-Artist: Frank Miller's Daredevil and the Ends of Heroism, Paul Young
* Best Hybrid Media Profile of a Canadian Cartoonist: Seth's Dominion, Seth and Luc Chamberland
* Best History Book about Revolutionary Cartoonists: She Changed Comics: The Untold Story of the Women Who Changed Free Expression In Comics!, Betsy Gomez (Editor)
* Best Biography of America’s Most Important Newspaper Comics Artist: Krazy: George Herriman, a Life in Black and White, Michael Tisserand
* Best Reprint of a Satirical Comics Magazine that Lasted Only Two Issues: Trump: The Complete Collection, Harvey Kurtzman; Denis Kitchen and John Lind (Editors)
* Best Remarkable Renderings of Golden Age Comic Book Figures: More Heroes Of The Comics: Portraits Of The Legends Of Comic Books, Drew Friedman
* Best Slipcased, Accordion-Fold Revival of a Political Artist: Si Lewen's Parade: An Artist's Odyssey, Si Lewen

If nothing else, this makes me want to catch up with the few from this list I haven't read yet, which is perhaps the best outcome.
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