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August 10, 2006

Go, Look: Profile of FF #102 Project


Comic Book Resources has a brief article up on Marvel's forthcoming restoration/presentation of an unpublished Jack Kirby and Stan Lee late-era Fantastic Four comic. I have to imagine given the attention paid Jack Kirby that all of this stuff has been discussed and shown to death, but I hadn't seen any of the art yet. As a fan of Kirby's expressive, loose storytelling in his last few years on Marvel's seminal 1960s title, I look forward to the project.

Speaking of the Fantastic Four, Chris Sims recently profiled many of the sublime action panels featured in Fantastic Four #55, a terrific showcase comic book for Kirby in his Marvel superhero prime. Sims makes note of Mr. Fantastic threatening the Thing, aggressive and overwhelmingly self-confident behavior par enough for the course back then it makes me wonder if any Marvel character is further removed from his original 1960s persona than Reed Richards.
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