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September 13, 2017

Go, Look: Ted Rall Suit Against LA Times And Related Individuals To Appeal Anti-SLAPP Rulings

Here's Rall perspective on the situation, which as the individual bringing the lawsuits is of course obviously slanted towards his view of this very specific set of outcomes and outcomes in general that inform his perspective. I missed this latest take.

Rall's correct in that individual judges have their own perspectives on the application of law and many people believe that where a case is placed and with whom has a great deal to do with the final outcome. In comics cases that can be filed or heard in either New York or California, you'll see firm decisions made early on as to the side of the country justice will be pursued. It's rare anyone makes an allowance that a victorious outcome depends on similar capriciousness, of course, but we live in a world where we treat personal narratives with great seriousness.

We'll see as Rall continues to pursue his claims in court if that world has an outcome that matches his desired result and supports his asserted take on what happened between him and the Times. At this point, it has not gone well. Things can always turn, and when things either go that direction or peter out in this one we'll know more. We won't know everything.
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