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February 5, 2014

Go, Look: Uncivilized Books Spring 2014 Subscription Deal


The fine boutique comics publisher Uncivilized Books has a Spring 2014 sale offer up at its site. I don't shy away from providing consumer-oriented information at times, and this would certainly fall under that with its three book + three minis for $45, but a couple of things caught my eye from a publishing-of-comics standpoint. The first is that Uncivilized is making such an offer at all, which suggests there may be a certain kind of devoted fan for a lot of these smaller publishers that can potentially be reached directly. The second is that that deal counts on their being a cohesion across the line in the customer's mind, at least enough of one that they're all desirable books. That's not exactly where publishing headspace was at for the last 20 years, at least for a signficant number of fans that saw the emphasis on publisher as a hangover of the mainstream corporate comics days.
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