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February 14, 2013

Go, Read: A Bit Of Background On The Recent James Jean Show

imageThe super-talented illustrator and artist James Jean recently opened a big-time show in New York that was incredibly well-attended, if maybe mostly by people that couldn't afford the work on the walls. Jean may be best known to comics fans for his long-time relationships with both DC Comics (award-winning covers) and AdHouse (art books). Someone sent along this article, a fascinating look into the artist's process and some of the personal issues that have informed his ability to make that work over the last decade.

Jean's books are nearly sold out of inventory at AdHouse and the artist's web presence has apparently been scuttled, at least temporarily. Whether that's a coincidence, or an extension of matters raised in that article, or something completely different, I couldn't tell you. I do hope he finds that peaceful place to create, though, both in that I'm extremely selfish in that I like looking at his work, but also in that those are the times he may have been happiest.
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