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February 7, 2013

Go, Read: A Brief Interview With Aurélie Filippetti

The French-language comics news clearinghouse has a short interview up with Minister Of Culture And Education Aurélie Filippetti. It's no great shakes as an interview, and I'm old enough not to go, "Holy Gee Whiz, government official talking about the funnybooks." That we get in such a perfunctory piece, 1) a list of comics read and enjoyed including modern name-drops, 2) an apparent knowledge of basic issues facing that industry and 3) the idea put forward that supporting booksellers supports that art form, that does seem a little worth noting, the kind of casual and obvious seriousness that these books and that art form has in that context. I'm not sure that I think that's a comics thing here as much as a general culture thing. Our political conversations about art tend to be driven by Team Politics and celebrity politicians declaring their "one of us" fondness for Spider-Man or The Wire or whatever.
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